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Hi, my name is Diana. I’m starting this blog to inspire others who share common struggles with chronic pain. At the age of 27 I was diagnosed with Lupus disease, after suffering from a car accident in which my body was recovering at a slower rate than the average person. This was due to the Lupus attacking my joints and muscles, and tissue regeneration. I spent years in and out of the hospital, bed ridden, and having to be pushed around in a wheel chair by my sister, because the pain was so severe. I had health care that covered the treatment for Lupus, and I still dealt with incredible pain on a daily basis. No doctor wanted to prescribe me pain medication, and day by day I thought more and more of ending my struggles.

Because I spent most of my time in my bed with my laptop, I started reading about a lot of things. Lupus, chronic pain, and solutions to treat my chronic pain. Having read about a slew of pain medications, my fascination was cut short by the fact that my doctors kept insisting I deal with my pain with “natural” medications, diet.. without proper pain killers.

Last year during Christmas i hosted the family gathering at my house, with the help of my mother and two sisters. It was a full house, 15 guests consisting of family and close friends. I spent much of the evening chatting with my daughters fiance, who was recently in a work related accident, and swapping war stories. He sympathized with my situation, and agreed to give me one of his Oxycontin pills for which he said he had a good supplier. He had previously been prescribed a weaker painkiller, but didn’t have much pain relief with it, and his doctor didn’t want to give him anything stronger. That is what lead him to find another source.

After everyone had left, and the holiday season died down, I decided to try it on a cold morning. My joints were particularly sore, and all my previous injuries were throbbing as if they were new. To my surprise, the Oxycontin kicked in almost immediately, and I spent the better part of the day feeling like a new person. There was still some pain, but compared to what it usually is, it was like night and day. I slept like a baby that night, and the next day called up my sisters fiance and insisted he share his source with me.

He referred me to a site called Silk Road, gave me a run down on the slang and proper etiquette, and I took it upon myself to contact a few “vendors”. With the vendor I finally decided on, I was able to ask for suggestions, assuring him I’d never really been a user of pain medications, and he gave me a list of medications I should consider. I decided to settle with a low dose Oxycontin, because it is what I had tried previously, and he walked me through the buying procedure. I had insisted I had never tried to buy Oxycontin online before, and he was very patient considering how skeptical and nervous I was.

For my first order I sent enough for a rush delivery, and received it in three days, it was guaranteed for two day delivery, but it was sent out after the cut-off, which was no ones fault. I admit I was frightened when I saw the postal worker outside my door, I thought, “here we go, this is my last day as a free woman!”. I opened the door, he greeted me, handed me my package and said good day. I didn’t have to sign for it, and he had no clue what was in it. I opened my package and it was very discreetly wrapped, it was in a case for a video game, in which I had to sort of pry the case open in order to reach the oxycontin inside. I couldn’t believe it myself, that my prayers were answered, that I had found an easy and safe way to buy oxycontin, and that I would be able to live a more normal and less painful life.

And that is why I wanted to share my experience with other pain sufferers, and what Silk Road did for me.
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